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People wear. Stability running shoes series, emphasizing the support shoes for excessive pronation (Varus) or internal rotation of normal wear. Confusion of yaseshi described below running shoes hot models: stability, top kayano20 (stability hinges on the cushionin vans half cab g performance of best, suitable for heavier people, weak parties and Rehab), top GT-2000 (stable in the Department supporting the best shoes), the utility class GT-1000, and then on some of the practical VIRAGE6. Buffer system, top nimbus15 (top), top-cumulus15, best pulse5 at the practical level, cushioned shoes top, cushioning feeling is stronger, but brought the heavier weight is shoes, which were taken into account. OK, known Xiao bian recommended the ASICs which series once, let me

Run with it! Also came from Japan yaseshimeijin dense is a pioneer in sports brand leader, on the "older generation", the Mizuno biyaseshinian for dozens of years, but in other areas there are a lot of Parallels, here's a look at Mizuno and yaseshi which is good. Technology yaseshi to push gel cushioning technology, Mizuno's unique technology is the wave. GEL Arthur glue series is a derived from space technology of Arthur glue, through its super strong of sucking earthquake force, not only can support weight number times above of weight, more can level dispersed absorption footsteps falls Shi by brings of impact, reached most perfect sucking earthquake effect and full protection! lift a examples 's, to running Shi of impact,, weight 60 kg of people at least to bear 180 kg above of impact, about is

Weight 3~5 times, and with Arthur glue, not only vans old skool  protect your feet and avoid hidden injuries. Yaseshi gel to Mizuno AP+, AP or VS1 to contrast. Mizuno AP+ of elasticity is good, but buffering features of Mizuno all the glue is far better than yaseshi gel. Practical all-round experience contrast (yaseshi C14 and Mizuno, R16, F7 for example) sizes, yaseshi size is quite standard, foot feeling fairly comfortable. Material and workmanship: the fairly detailed workmanship, details well, no Flash and no excess glue remaining. Insoles are thicker, very comfortable material, supporting very emollient, ensure adequate foot support, games action-packed. Nylon mesh shoes, breathable, and comfortable to wear. General advantages

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